About us....

Our workshops are designed to be accessible and engaging. We want to encourage as many people as possible - young and old- to experience, discover and practice a variety of traditional crafts and activities.

Designing and constructing your own toolbox, and forging the tools to fill it with, felting slippers, casting pendants, carving spoons -  these skills are achievable for everyone.

Too often people say 'Oh, I'm useless at that sort of thing' or 'I wouldn't be any good at that' .... and more often than not they are surprised at how quickly they pick it up. No one should be deterred from imaginatively and constructively engaging with the world! Spinning fleece or forging a nail may not seem relevant in an age of factories and mass produced clothing but we passionately believe that understanding the process behind how an object is created is an important step in the development of conceptual thinking for children and promotes consumer responsibility in all of us.