Cockerel Instructions

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If you looked at fleece under a microscope you would see thousands of little ‘scale’- like points. It is these points which lock together if agitated – with warm water or a felting needle – and produce felt.

Felting needles have barbs on their ends, by repeatedly stabbing the fleece these barbs pick up the scales and form the fleece into denser material. Please be careful of the needles they are very, very sharp and ALWAYS felt into the foam block and repeatedly stab gently but firmly.

Step One: Lay your piece of felt onto the felting block and place your design on top.


Step Two : It can help to plan your felting a little in advance - or just go for it and follow your creative flow!


Step Three: Choose your first colour and pinch some strands off the fleece - it is better to work in small amounts and add a little at a time - rather than needle felting huge chunks and struggle to pull it out if it goes wrong.


Step Four: Lay the strands on the design and stab into the wool along the outline.


Step Five: Don't panic if you can't see the patch of design you are working on - fold any fibres straggling over the lines back into the design.


Step Six: Keep stabbing the wool and gently guiding it to follow the first section of design - it sometimes helps to stretch the fleece along to the next part of the design you are working on and felt along the line it makes.


Step Seven : Repeat the process for the other sections of the design.


Step Eight: When you are happy with your rooster, cut around the design carefully. Dip it into cold water for a couple of seconds, or run it under a tap. Be sure to rub all the paper off , as it can leave a sticky residue.


Step Nine: Dry your design, try to keep it flat. When it is dry place it on your work surface with the ring on top of it. In order to secure the design to the ring, thread a needle, and from the back of the picture, push through and pull until you have thread on either side of the design. Tie a knot and snip off the ends. Fix the picture at symmetrical points around the ring.