Mini Crochet Dreamcatcher Instructions

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Each kit comes with a white crochet centrepiece but if want to make your centre a little more colourful you can use fabric pens or felt tips to colour a mandala pattern. You could also use dye to add a bit more colour, if you don't have access to any shop bought dye it is possible to use food colouring - soak the doily in a mixture of white vinegar and water, in equal parts, for 30 mins.Then place the doily in a small dish of water and food colouring - the more food colouring you add the deeper the colour. Or you can drop colour directly onto the surface. Soak for 30 mins and then rinse and dry!

Place your doily in the centre of the ring. Thread your needle with about an arms length of thread. You're going to be attaching the doily centrepiece to the ring, so choose the best points to attach and keep them symmetrical if you can. Bring the needle through the first point of attachment, pull it through but leave enough thread on the other side of the ring to tie a knot with.Then tightly tie the two threads together and snip off the ends of both threads - but leave the needle attached . Repeat this with all the points: knot the end, thread the needle through the doily, tie the two ends of thread together around the ring, snip off the excess thread - always the bit with the needle attached.

Choose your bead colour and place on the doily. Thread your needle and tie a knot in the end. Push your needle from behind, through the bead and very closely back through the doily. Push the needle through the doily again but , this time, bring the thread back through the doily on the other side of the bead. Tie off .Decorate with your chosen material - simply tie it to the bottom of the dream catcher hoop.