Dream Catcher Instructions

Inside your bag you will a small envelope filled with beads and two skeins of thread - You might find using the full skein of thread to be a bit tricky󿵒 - tangles can happen easily and be frustrating! If you cut the thread to a manageable quantity you can attach more by simply tying your old piece off with a knot and attaching your new piece to the next section you are working on. Alternatively you can attach your new thread to the yarn you are working with and continue that way - cutting off any loose bits from your knot at the end - careful not to cut the knot!

Step 1

Tie your yarn to the top of your chosen ring. Bring the yarn across the front of the ring, around the ring and back through the gap that has been made

Step 2

Repeat all the way around the ring until you reach the top again. It is important that the gaps between each attachment are as equal as possible. The smaller the distance between each attachment the more intricate your weaving will look....

Step 3

Continue weaving in the same way until you are happy with your dreamcatcher. Don't forget to leave a small hole in the middle for the good dreams to pass through! As your weaving progresses you will notice that gaps start to form triangles - always go through the base of each triangle.

Step 4

To attach beads - thread your yarn onto a needle, add your chosen bead and go through the next gap. To cast off simply go through your last weave a few times and knot onto the base of the triangle.

Step 5

Decorate with feathers, material, threads Hang above your bed to catch tricky󿵒 dreams!