Fairy Instructions

If you looked at fleece under a microscope you would see thousands of little ‘scale’- like points. It is these points which lock together if agitated – with warm water or a felting needle – and produce felt.

Felting needles have barbs on their ends, by repeatedly stabbing the fleece these barbs pick up the scales and form the fleece into denser material. Please be careful of the needles they are very, very sharp and ALWAYS felt into the foam block and repeatedly stab gently but firmly.

Step 1

Take your fairy body and place it on the felting block.. Make the Skirt Choose a colour for your fairies skirt, you need about a 7" strip. Make a hole in the centre and pop your witch through. Needle felt the skirt in place. Alternatively, you can felt strips around her waist - felting them in place at the top.

Step 2

Take a new piece of roving (about 7") Make a hole in the centre and place your fairy through. This piece rests on her shoulders. Needle felt in place. Wrap a small strand around her waist. If you want you can wrap roving to cover her arms. Needle felt gently in place - careful not to stab the wire in arms. Use very thin pieces of fleece.

Step 3

Choose the colour for your fairies hair and needle felt in place. Take a very small amount at first and shape it around the fairies face. Then add more strands gradually. If you wish a braid, take three strands and plait them. It helps to stab them into the felting block to keep them together - it will be tricky at first but as the fleece tightens it is easier. Needle felt this in place.

Step 4

Choose what colour you would like your wings to be and pull about a 7" strip of fleece. Taking a very small, thin strand of this colour , tie it in the middle of your strip - to create two fluffy pieces on either side. Needle felt this in place on the back of your fairy. Either on top or underneath her hair.

Step 5

To create the appearance of a baby all you need is a small head poking out of fleece blanket! Make the head first. Take a piece of roving needle felt a small ball always on the foam block remember!) wrap the fleece around your ball first vertically and then horizontally (like wrapping a ball of wool) until it is firm. Choose a blanket colour and take a small piece. Place the head in the centre and wrap the fleece over the top . Needle felt around the head to hold in place and bring the two edges of the blanket together. Snuggle it into the fairies arms and needle felt in place if necessary .