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Wet Felting......

The process of agitating fleece with soap and warm water to create anything from slippers to phone cases...

Our parties and workshops are suitable for adults and children  4+ and include all materials and equipment.

See below for a selection of what we offer:

For Children.....

Felting is a very tactile activity for little hands - soft fleece,warm water,bubbles- and the magic of creating something from a bundle of soapy fluff can be very exciting!

Felted Playscapes

Make your own beautiful playscape using pure merino felt as the base and then adding details like lakes,mountains,flowers,beaches to personalise your land.

Suitable for ages 4+.

3D pin cushions,bugs and balls! 

Use a combination of shetland and merino fleece to make 3 dimensional objects. Starting with simple balls ( that actually bounce) to more complicated objects - things with heads, mini worlds,minecraft squares.

Suitable for 2+ 

Felted pictures

Create a beautiful picture using soft merino fleece and your imagination.

Suitable for ages 4+

For Children 9+ and Adults.......

Purse or phone case

Using a plastic resist learn how to make a seamless felt purse or phone case.

felted Slippers

A workshop split into two separate sessions.Learn how to felt your own luxurious personalised slippers using soft merino fleece,

Needle Felting...

If you looked at fleece under a microscope you would see thousands of little ‘scale’-like points. It is these points which lock together if agitated – with warm water or a felting needle – and produce felt. Felting needles have barbs on their ends, by repeatedly stabbing the fleece these barbs pick up the scales and form the fleece into a denser material. We recommend that these workshops are suitable for adults and children aged 7+.

Needle felted paintings

Learn how to create depth and perspective using the techniques of layering and sculpting fleece onto a pre-felted base.

Needle felted fairies

learn how to make beautiful Waldorf inspired fairies using a mix of Merino and Shetland wool and needle felting techniques.

Spring and Autumn wreaths

Wet felted acorns, poisetta flowers and needle felted leaves.Make a beautiful wreath for smiling at every time the sky feels a bit grey!

All of our felting sessions are available to book for parties and schools/educational groups.

Our Felting wagon and a selection of workshops are available to book for festivals and events.

Please visit our booking page for further details