Spinning is the ancient skill of drawing out fibres - animal,plant or synthetic - and twisting them together to form a thread that can be woven or knitted with.

Our workshops teach the science,art and history behind spinning and students are involved in the process of creating a useable yarn from beginning to end. Selecting and preparing the fleece is followed by learning how to spin with a mayan spinner, then a drop spindle and finally the traditional spinning wheel. It's much harder than it looks! 

Dreamcatcher Workshops

Step into the spinning wagon and choose from our selection of hand wrapped rings and colourful threads. Take a seat and we'll teach you to weave the traditional dream catcher centre.... add beads,feathers,material,lace,leaves and berries. It's easy to become absorbed in your creation and other peoples..The wagon has seen many a friendship forged! Suitable for all ages.

Spinning and weaving Workshops

All of our spinning sessions are available to book for parties and schools/educational groups.

Our Spinning wagon and and workshops are available to book for festivals and events.

Please visit the booking page for further details

Learn how to prepare and select fleece and then we'll teach you how to spin your fleece into yarn using one of our Spinning wheels...use your newly spun fleece to weave a dreamcatcher.

Suitable for all ages