Felt Applique Instructions


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Before you start you will need: Scissors and glue ( optional) .The best glue for this project is all purpose clear adhesive but PVA glue will work too. You can choose to either make the sunflower independent of the hessian background - and then glue it in place when you are finished, or sew it onto the hessian straight away. If you choose the latter then remember that for step one and two of the instructions below you are also coming through the hessian back. The sewing is largely decorative and this decoration comes together very quickly if you choose to glue the pieces in place!

Step 1

Cut 11 petal templates out of the honeysuckle felt ( the lightest of the three). Place them around the yellow circle , with the outer sides of the petals touching each other. It can help to glue them in position before you start sewing but it is not necessary. Thread your needle with your choice of thread( the variegated yellow thread works well) and sew each petal in place. Coming up from behind the felt circle, leaving a long stitch, and back down through the felt. Cut the thread and tie a knot. Repeat this for each petal.


Step 2

Cut 10 petals out of the russet and yellow felt. Place the yellow petal on top of the brown and place in between each of your petals on the yellow felt circle. Thread your needle with another colour - dark brown works best - and, using the same sewing technique as above, sew up through both petals , make a long stitch, and then down through both petals and the yellow circle. Alternatively , you can sew the long brown stitch to hold the petals together and then glue them in between the petals already on the yellow circle.


Step 3

Take your brown circle and place it on top of your petals, in the centre. Thread your needle with the yellow cotton. You are now going to use cross stitch to decorate the centre piece. You can either decorate first and then glue it into the centre of the petals, or you can use the stitches to fix it into place at the same time. The basic cross stitch is described below. If you are just decorating and then gluing: make a cross stitch at roughly even points around the circle. Glue on top of your petals. If you are using cross stitch to fix in place at the same time: Ensure that the stitch also goes through the base of each double petal and the yellow circle.


Step 4

You now have a Sunflower! To create a decoration , attach your hessian to the ring with blanket stitch and trim the edges. Place your sunflower in the middle, and glue it in position - Admire your masterpiece!